Magento Support

16 Jan

Little information about magento:

Magento is an ecommerce platform with full of features. It is built upon the open source technology. So why open source? Open source provides a number of reasons like innovation, by reducing vendor locking, cost, agility and scale, quality and security. It provides a good marketing, tools of catalogue management and providing a better search engine makes the merchant to create a powerful site and a good business. Magento provides the companies the ultimate solution of ecommerce. It supports a great customer care service. This process is also very easy for the customer for contacting you for anything needed.

How does magento developers:

Magento development support helps to the customers to request if any help is needed. Such as email, offline chats, personalise the accounts at the websites, online forms on the site etc. After that it gathers all the messages from the customers and sends it to the stuff as the form of tickets. You can monitor the action and responses of your staff’s. The hidden ticket id and the survey of customer satisfaction these two facilities are added recently. Hidden ticket id helps to mask the removed tickets from email. So that it can be more personal than being a mechanical. The satisfaction feature helps to rate the customers. By this you can check your staff’s performance and you can train your stuff to handle the customers properly, if they need. By setting responses before, it can assure the customers when it is unavailable. Also it gives the knowledge about the ticket’s state. Arrange the one area information is stored bit by bit. It is completely safe from the threats and the hackers. The production of data is completely safe and any third party cannot access it. The configuration of it can be changes as per your desire because it is customized fully. It is also reduce the work load of the stuff. It is also easy because it provides a question answer type of enquiries. So the customers can easily go through the page and find their appropriate knowledge without calling the staff. So it does not kill the time. A table format is provide for your customers as per they can choose their options. It helps to collect organize and systemize the product’s information. The customer can ask the product question to the staff directly. it also have the facility to remark about the product. If you do not need the product anymore you can write your opinion about the product so that others can follow your remark. And immediately the product will be returned and provide a good one at your choice. So it provides status, reasons in detail and result of the wanted or exchanged or returned product. In regards the products whether the sale of it is downwards or upwards. The question of the product also can be the knowledge based. So it is very important to the staff to know about the products which he or she wants to sale. They can be faced for such question from the customers. It is also fixed with date and time.

Magento supports search engine optimization. It gives full control in urls, Google map, information about the products and the categories. By zoom the product image and by providing more pictures of the products it produce the ultimate necessity. By shipping the product, delivery of the product, browsing the product, international supports, marketing promotions, order management, catalogue management the magento supports so many configurations. You can track your orders by the order number so that you can get knowledge about your product’s place.


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Magento Support

18 Oct

A little knowledge about magento:

Magento is an ecommerce platform. It provides flexibility, scalability and a huge of features for the business growth. By the help of open source technology the magento is built.

  • Cost
  • Innovation
  • Reduction of Vendor locking
  • Emails
  • Offline chats
  • Personalise the accounts and websites
  • A good customer service
  • Tools of catalogue management
  • Good marketing
  • Better search engines
  • Easy to contact the customer care
  • Free shipping

So there are so many facilities are available in magento.

How magento does supports the customer:

Hidden lock key:

Removed the emails
Masks it
More personal than mechanical

Reporting and analytics

It is based on the customer reports and the total sell of the products.
The reports of shopping cart.

Search engine

Meta information about the products
Control URL and URL rewriter.
Google map

Browsing Catalogue

Layered navigation and filtered product category
Review of the products
Filtration in search results
Comparisons of product

Tools and marketing promotion

Promotional pricing of catalogues
Coupons for restrict the stores, products and periods of products and categories.

Catalogue management

Importation and exportation of the catalogues
Advanced pricing rules, special prices, offers, discounts
Digital and downloadable products
Google based integration

Site management

Easy integration between magento and customers
Multivariate testing
From a single panel control the sites and stores


It is iPhone optimized

Product browsing

Zoom in and out capabilities
More images for product

Customer services

Any time customers call
Free call
Sellers are enrich with the information about the products
Track your order by your order ids
Get information about your products

Customer accounts

Previous ordered products
Reorder the products
Cancel the orders
Download the products

Survey of customers

Satisfies the customers
Get Brief knowledge about the products
Read others review of the products
You can rate the staffs.

Order management

Create more invoices for one product
More Credit memos shipments for a single product

Check out

Single page check out
Anyone can check without any account

International support

Multiple currencies are available
Multi lingual
From anywhere from the world you can understand the price amount.


Cash on delivery
Online payment by cards – credit, debit, master card, visa card
All international banks are available
Cash back process if the product is cancelled
Any defect in product we can replace those items


Multiple addresses for one product
Free shipping
Multiple orders in one shipping
Anywhere of the world shipping is available


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Magento Support

15 Oct

What is magento?

Magento builds up on an open source technology. It is the platform of ecommerce. Reducing vendor locking, open source creates its own place. Also cost, innovation, securities are the good features of the magento support.

The ultimate solution of ecommerce is provided by magento. It provides a good marketing, catalogue and tools, good customer care service. It is the easy process through which you can be contacted by the customers easily.

Magento support:

Magento supports by their unique features. Such as

  1. Optimization of search engine: from this you can search your location or any other places location by Google map. If you enter a wrong URL it will rewrite by its URL control nature. It also provides the Meta information which is information about information and a brief knowledge about the products.
  2. Browsing of products: it provides a lot of pictures of the products. You can zoom in or out too see the product very closely.
  3. International browsing: the prices are available of the all currencies. Suppose you can choose your product from USA or Belgium or India so the various currencies are available for you to understand the prices of the products.
  4. Tools and marketing promotion: to restrict the stores, time period, products, catalogue flexible coupons are available.
  5. Catalogue management: it imports and exports the catalogue. It is advance for price management. The products are downloadable and digital. The integration is Google based.
  6. Catalogue browsing: layered navigations are available for the filtration of products. The search results of these are also filtered. You can compare the products. And write the review of the products and can also see the others review.
  7. Site management: multiple stores and websites can be controlled from one administration panel. It provides an easy integration between third party and magento.
  8. Customer service: you will be provided a very flexible customer care service. You can call any time and can know about the products. The seller should keep the brief knowledge about the product which they are selling. The customer’s accounts are rich of features. The customer can track their order by the order id. Then they can get the information about their products.
  9. Order management: the customer can view, edit, create and fulfil the orders from the customer panel. They can cancel the order if they want. Also they can return and order other products. You can create multiple invoice, shipments and credit memos on a single order for their satisfaction.
  10. Accounts of customers: you can see the recently ordered items. The products are also downloadable. You can reorder the products from the account.
  11. Shipping: it allows free shipping to multiple addresses per order.
  12. Payment: various types of payment methods are available. Like cash on delivery, card payment- master, debit, visa, credit all are acceptable. If customers cancel their desired product the cash back method is also supported within a certain time.
  13. Checking out: you can check out without an account. It is a single page check out.
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